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Internet~T1 Service Providers | T1 Internet Price Quotes

Why Do You Need a T1 Bandwidth Provider?

Yes, T1 technology is going to cost you more than service from your local DSL provider.  So, why should you opt for a T1 bandwidth provider?


- The speed on a T1 line is much faster than DSL

On a T1 line, you're going to get 1.544 Mbps for both uploads and downloads.  With DSL, you'll get fast downloads, but your uploads will be much, much slower.  That's not helpful if you run a small business that spends a lot of time uploading files!

And, when you sign up with a T1 bandwidth provider, you don't have to worry about sharing your speed with anyone.  The only people sharing your T1 service are the ones on your actual network.  In fact, your T1 line will be able to support about 20 people before it starts to slow down.  Compare that to DSL -- where every customer in the neighborhood will get a slice of your speed! 

- The service is reliable

Your T1 bandwidth provider will give you an SLA ("Service Level Agreement") that tells you -- among other things -- how much uptime you're guaranteed.  You'll be happy to hear that good providers will give you at least 99% uptime!

When you have DSL, your uptime isn't guaranteed.  The only thing you can count on is that you'll fall victim to "peak times" -- or, the times when everyone around you is surfing the web and your connection either slows way down or cuts out entirely.

Plus, a good provider's SLA will come with response time guarantees.  That means you'll be at the front of the line when technical problems hit.  Your DSL counterparts, on the other hand, will have to sit and wait.  Since they're not guaranteed anything, they may have to wait a long while!

- T1 can do everything you need

Want the convenience of getting your phone and internet service from the same place?  No problem!  Your T1 bandwidth provider can "integrate" your line -- which is a fancy way of saying they'll split the digital channels and offer you the best of both worlds.  Your DSL provider can't do that for you!

Years ago, fractional T1 lines were more cost-effective, but now that there are so many providers out there, the cost of full T1 lines has come down considerably.  As a result, even tiny businesses can afford to get a full T1 line and use it for all of their telecommunication needs!

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